I’m sure you’re here because you want to know if Visual Impact Muscle Building is just another muscle building scam like the many out there… Well I’m going to give it to you straight.

No, Visual Impact is NOT a scam product!

…I bet you were expecting me to say that right? Well I like to be frank when I write and if you keep reading I’ll give you my honest opinion about this product and exactly why I think it is one of the best investments I’ve made!

Firstly before I get more into the program I think you should know more about the creator of Visual Impact after all credibility is everything…

Who is Rusty Moore?

Rusty Moore (Creator of Visual Impact)Rusty Moore is a fitness expert who is the owner of one of the top fitness sites on the web; it’s called Fitness Black Book. He has a HUGE following on Facebook with around 19k Likes and I’ve been following his blog ever since I started using Visual Impact.

Let me tell you this, I’ve bought and tried many other popular muscle building programs out there, Truth About Six Pack Abs, Six Pack Shortcuts, P90x etc… of all those products I’ve stuck with Rusty’s advice because when you read his eBooks you’ll notice everything he says is backed by actual scientific evidence.

In fact before Rusty I used to believe all the hype about the ‘Afterburn Effect’ and ‘Muscle Confusion’ which was totally debunked by Rusty with actual proof from scientific research.

Well now that you know him a little better let’s get to what Visual Impact muscle building actually has to offer…

Visual Impact is a very unique product among all the others muscle building programs out there… Actually it’s the first product that focuses on building the ‘Hollywood Look’.

What is the Hollywood Look?


The Hollywood Look

If this is the look you desire then your in the right place. Visual Impact Muscle Building aims to deliver these exact results as it takes a different approach to achieve this type of body…

Before this program if you wanted to get the ‘Hollywood Look’ then you’d basically have to pay the salary for a personal coach which can get REALLY expensive…

The key to getting this look is… as quoted by Rusty:

“It isn’t the method of the resistance that matters…it is the volume, set and rep scheme”

The program teaches you the exact amount of reps and the correct workouts to do to achieve that slim ripped look that ANY girl is attracted to!

So what does Visual Impact Muscle Building teach…?

The course is broken down into 3 phases and each phase takes 8 weeks to complete which means it takes 6 months to complete all 3 phases by which you should see great results assuming that you follow each principle.

Here is what each phase will be focusing on:

Phase 1 – You’ll be starting with Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This means your main focus will be on building as much muscle mass as possible so higher rep ranges and shorter rest times and workouts that target the correct areas for the Hollywood look.

Phase 2 – Now this phase will be focusing on Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. Unlike before this time you’ll be working to increase muscle strength rather than muscle mass (two completely different things). So medium rep ranges and short rest intervals to get harder muscles and better definition.

Phase 3 – The final phase aims to increase muscle density and also trimming you down a bit. This will help you get to the lower body fat levels with some intense strategic cardio. So lower rep ranges and longer rest times for this phase.

Bonus Phase – This phase uses something called ‘The Shrink Wrap Effect’ which basically gets you totally ripped. You can do this phase before special events or during summer to get the most ripped looking abs and awesome muscle definition through your body.

But how do I learn to perform these workouts?

Visual Impact Exercise DemonstrationsRusty goes into a lot of the science behind his workouts in the course which will teach you a lot about how your body works in relation to these workouts to get that Hollywood look you seek…

But if you’d rather get straight into the workouts then all you have to do is follow his day by day printable workout charts to success. Now you may be thinking how you’re going to do these workouts…

Well along with the Visual Impact Muscle Building course you will also be getting the Visual Impact Exercise Demonstration eBook which is basically a 227 page PDF document that contains every single exercise demonstration you’ll ever need…

Everything is documented by photos so you know exactly how to perform each exercise and everything is organized with a full index where all you have to do is find the exercise and click it to be taken straight to the demonstration page for that specific exercise, simple as that!

My Personal Opinion

Most people will write reviews just from reading the course but I’ve actually used and tried Visual Impact and the 3 months of Visual Impact gave me better results than 3 months of P90x which you may have already heard of…

Also it’s not only me but there are many people who have seen great results from this course, it is hard work but if you’re willing to put in the effort then I guarantee you will get the Hollywood look if you follow Rusty’s course…

From all the muscle building products I’ve tried, I’d give Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building course a perfect score!

Now that you know exactly what to expect I’d still recommend that you check out the 4 videos made by Rusty on the official Visual Impact website because they are really informative. You’ll learn some crucial tips just from these free videos trust me…

PS. For women you’ll want to check out the Visual Impact for Women course which is specially designed for women.

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